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Alienware Polska – Facebook out of this world!

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It is a well-known fact that gamers accept only the best performance, and not only from their hardware. So we took them into a brand's world on a truly unique journey. Creative copywriting, word games, associations with up-to-date topics and tear-jerkers of gaming nostalgia. And all of this with an extraordinary, playful and unpretentious spin of genuine PC gaming fans.


The Alienware Polska community is a demanding group of people who love games and unfailing performance. The number of the profile’s fans is growing very fast (over 12,000 as of September 2017) and every month its posts reach a record number of over 1,300,000 people, encouraging interaction, comments and sharing of engaging contents.  As a result, the profile ranks third in the Sotrender service's Brands-Technologies category in terms of user engagement.



Our biggest challenge was to create an engaging profile that can please the biggest games and state-of-the-art technology geeks. There is no space for compromise – every contents must inspire, inform and reflect the trends and context privy to the community, and – by the same token – frequently not understood by anyone outside of the gaming community. So, to effectively engage gamers, we practically had to dive into the gamers’ world. And we did, with utmost pleasure.  The newest premiers, viral contents, the most important e-sport events – we missed no trendy novelties and used them all to engage the community even more.



We collected all the topics important for gamers and started discussing them in a form most receptive for gaming fans. Immersed in spectacular audio-visuals, our posts discussed topics important for gamers, in their own language.  We were not afraid to move beyond rigid, product-focused communications. Instead of describing the best laptops, we described the experience of using them. Gamers appreciated our language, and – as a result – together we have created a unique spot on the social media map. A spot where the brand sees gaming in exactly the same way as it is seen by the gamers themselves.
Consequently, we now know the gamers so well that we can wink to them – even with the eyes closed!