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Koło – Always in good style

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“Koło – Always in Good Style” is the leading slogan for Koło and the main line of brand communications on social media. High quality images, inspiring designs and fresh, engaging narration – Koło's profiles on Facebook and Instagram invite users into the world of the brand and position Koło as a brand close to its clients.


The bathroom is more than a product. It is a set of products and utensils that need to fit perfectly with the interior design and – above all – the user's life style. Minimalist elegance or glamour eclecticism? Koło's portfolio has a solution to suit every need.  On the social media, Koło is positioned as a good style advisor, a brand close to female users (the communications are addressed primarily to Ladies), a symbol of quality. A presentation of solutions and products; education and inspiration. Monday PR took the brand's profile in February 2016, and since that time we have improved all indices, including the key Interactivity Index, reaching 1.375 and doubling the number of the brand's fans. Our organic communications reach on Facebook is 8,200 on average.



Bathroom ceramics industry is unique. If not done precisely, its presentation may seem unleavened and a mismatch with the brand's profile. On the other hand, too formal presentation may make the brand abstract, rather than position it at the heart of everyday experience. Our task is to create an interesting content, to not only promote the product, but also allow the users to feel that Koło understands their needs and emotions that accompany both the designing and everyday use of the bathroom.



The Koło social media content strategy was based on three pillars. For the brand fans we provided inspiring design, product posts, and valuable advice. To increase the profile's views, we use RTM activities contextually aligned with the Koło brand.
Our major task was to exceed the magical barrier of 30 thousand fans of the Koło profile with the most effective means. We have achieved that as a result of an effective campaign and merger of non-active profiles of the brand, which directed all the traffic to the base profile and generated new users.