Case study


Seagate at Warsaw Games Week 2017

digital campaign for

Seagate does not provide only storage space. Seagate gives players a space to play. During the biggest gaming event of the year, we launched a digital campaign and organized a booth which broke all the records on the Internet and at the fair itself.


Ziemniak, the Polish Champions from Illuminar Gaming, Veggie, Paula Zawadzka and Namidanobaka made sure the stand was loud before, after and during the event.
Over 33,000 visitors, 10 involved influencers, nearly 600,000 social media activations and over 1 million generated reach. Nearly 1000 prizes in dozens of competitions. Everything to give gaming fans the space to have fun.



Our goal was to create a booth that would stand out from the huge surface or pre-release hand-ons of hit games and focus on the engagement generated by the most popular gaming influencers in the industry. Charismatic hosts, best esports players in Poland, youtubers and stars gave brand the best testimonial. And with them the same did thousands of game fans on the spot and hundreds of thousands on the net.



Instead of talking about games and the ways to store them, we took players around the virtual world, focusing not on the games, but on the emotions that accompany it.
We used brand and social media influencers to generate positive buzz around the brand's stand on WGW. Seagate's chessboard for all three days of the fair was to be associated with unrestrained entertainment and rivalry with friends to engage players in the most natural way.