Case study


Sage: The “National Teams” campaign

a project for

Can a new product, Sage One Payroll, stir up strong emotions? Can an internal product launch be a captivating event for the entire company? The “National Teams” campaign was intended to introduce a new product, its creators and ambassadors, as well as the market environment for the new solution, to the company's employees. To highlight the festive character of the event, it was set in football match decorations and included an office game based on cooperation and friendly competition.


“Great, it's fantastic”, “The best Tuesday of the year”, “We surely will win. The others stand no chance”, and “Fantastic play. I really didn't expect anything like that to start the morning.” These are just a few quotes of the event participants. The “National Teams” project was addressed to the company's employees, who were playing and getting to know the new product together. The event achieved its objective: a half of the employees took active part, including the maximum possible number of players in the office game.



The event was intended as a joint celebration of the enormous team effort put into the development of an expert solution, as well as an opportunity to get to know the product, its ambassadors and market environment. The event was designed around elements of play, to engage the employees and – above all – serve as a surprise for the entire company. The event took place on a working day, with the company operating as usual. Therefore, the creative concept needed to be sufficiently interesting to encourage participation, but create no conflict with the employees' on-going tasks.



On the day of the event, the surprised employees were welcomed by the lifts corridor having been turned into a football pitch, with grass, the ball, the goals, football fans and a coach with a loudspeaker, cheering everyone to play the game. The office space was arranged for the event the previous night. There were posters with motivating slogans of the event, such as “Join the game”, “We play for the market”, “The HR is ours”, and vintage-style photos encouraging the employees to take pictures and share them on social channels. On their desks, the employees found football-shaped mugs, three types of event pins, as well as muffins styled as a football grass pitch, with a flag and slogans. The employees were invited to take part in a few activities, including the “Sage League HR Cup”, a football fan mini-match for the Fans' Cup, an online quiz, and the competition finals for the chocolate HR Cup and Fan Cup.